Cleaning your Vehicle

3 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

Cleaning your vehicle is a great opportunity to double-check that everything under the hood and your tires are in good condition. Spring cleaning your vehicle is the perfect excuse to check that your vehicle is in good working order, and this will help you minimize the chance of an accident or inopportune roadside emergency in the coming months. 

While decluttering your vehicle is definitely desirable when it comes to spring cleaning it (goodbye food packaging and other scraps!), we recommend the following 3 tips to implement when scouring your vehicle this spring. 

Examine your windshield wipers

Winter precipitation, whether it be rain, snow, or ice, often takes a toll on your vehicle’s windshield wipers. You may need to replace your windshield wipers so that your windshield actually becomes squeaky clean when they wipe. If your wipers are worn out from their past year’s usage and a rainstorm comes, you won’t be able to properly see. This is a routine maintenance task that you should check at least twice a year, but at your spring cleaning, this is particularly important because rain often comes in the spring or summer months, and having windshield wipers that are in poor working condition during a rainstorm is a recipe for disaster. You are much more likely to be in an accident or have poor visibility on the road if your windshield wipers are worn out. 

Check out your tires

Much like your windshield wipers, the winter season may have added some serious wear and tear to your tires. Double-check your tire pressure as well as their tread and depth while you do a spring cleaning of your vehicle this year. And if you need to add or let out any air in your tires, do so accordingly. You may even need to replace your tires if the tread is super worn down and you don’t have great traction on the road. Wet spring roads and thin tire tread are likely to lead to some inopportune situations, so do your best to avoid that at all costs. It also doesn’t hurt to tighten loose lug nuts on your tires that may have become loose during the winter season. 

Wipe off your engine or get it professionally cleaned

Although you may not often see what’s underneath the hood of your vehicle, that definitely doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to it during your spring cleaning. During the fall and winter months, dust, debris, and even leaves can get caught in the hood of your vehicle and build up on your engine. Make it a point to lift your hood during your spring cleaning and carefully wipe off your engine, avoiding sensitive parts that may be affected by water or cleaning solution. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, consider getting your engine professionally cleaned. Keeping your vehicle’s engine clean will help you prevent avoidable situations that may occur as a result of having a dirty engine.

For more advice regarding seasonal car maintenance, check out this helpful guide . In the event that you find yourself in need of emergency roadside assistance, specialized transport, or light, medium, or heavy-duty towing this spring, give Tow Pro a call at 615.256.TOWS(8697). We’d be happy to help in any way we can.

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