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4 Fall Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

It’s safe to say that fall is in full swing, and cooler temperatures and temperamental weather are here with it, too. Depending on where you drive, you may be seeing bright colored tree leaves and foliage as well as perhaps finding your driving conditions slightly different because of everything that accompanies fall.

As safety is always top of mind during every season of the year, we’ve compiled 4 safety tips for truck drivers to stay aware of in the fall.

1. Make sure your lights are fully functional.

During autumn, truckers have fewer hours of daylight to work with while on the road. Having functional truck headlights and fog lights is essential to ensure your visibility. Plan your shorter trips ahead of time to maximize your daylight driving hours and keep your headlights in good repair to shed light on the road during the day and in the dark.

2. Keep an eye out for wildlife.

Fall means that wildlife like deer, elk, and moose are moving around more frequently than other times of the year (which is why fall is hunting season, too!). Keep an eye out for these animals, which often travel in groups, and slow down whenever you see warning signs that deer or other wildlife often cross in a certain area. When an animal appears in your path, don’t swerve or hit your brakes suddenly unless you can maintain control of your truck and other vehicles’ safety while doing so.

3. Check the weather frequently.

Fog, rain, wind, and snow often accompany the change of seasons from summer to fall. It’s critical to remain aware of whatever weather conditions you may encounter on any long hauls. Black ice, or ice that is invisible to most drivers on the road, can cause your truck to spin out of control or even flip. You should drive accordingly when the temperatures are below freezing or black ice from cooler days may be on the road. Plan extra time into your hauls to navigate any weather conditions that may prove challenging.

4. Watch out for leaves.

With more leaves and debris on the road than other times of the year, your truck may be more susceptible to slipping and sliding off of the road or getting stuck in potholes covered by the leaves. Especially when fallen leaves are wet, they’re prime culprits for causing accidents or making you lose control of your truck. Drive with caution when you see leaves, or any debris, on the road. This advice is more apt for the fall months, but it’s relevant for any debris on the road at any time during the year.

While you enjoy the crisp, clear weather and all the festivities that come with fall, stay vigilant while driving your truck by keeping these fall safety tips top of mind.

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