Best Family Cars For Back To School Time

Back-to-school season is a stressful albeit nostalgic time if you’re a parent. On the one hand, having the kids back at school after a summer of staying away from textbooks and notebooks is nice. On the other hand, it can get easy to miss them, especially if they’re in elementary school and they’re growing so fast. Whatever parenting stage you fall under, it’s safe to say that family cars are essential for the daily carpool and after-school activities that await you once a new school year starts. It may be overwhelming to know where to start. Fortunately for you, our experienced team at Tow Pro has compiled a list of what you should look for when searching for a family car AND some of the best multi-functional family cars in the industry. 

What Should You Look For On Your Hunt For The Perfect Family Car?

Every family has different needs, and your family car should reflect that. Preferences and styles vary from family to family, but some benchmark qualities you should look for when searching for the perfect family car should include:

  • Practicality. Your car should be practical and functional. Choose a vehicle based on how big your family is and whether it is spacious enough to seat your family during long car trips (AKA travel soccer tournaments, for example), which leads us to our next point…
  • Seat space. You should think of seat space not only with your current needs in mind but also your future needs as well. If you are taking your childrens’ friends along for the ride, ensure enough room for everyone to sit comfortably. 
  • Good safety ratings. This should go without saying, but safety first, please! Safety should always be a concern, but it rings true even more when your family is in the vehicle with you. You can check out safety ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), where they give their take on the safest cars in that model’s year. 
  • Quality manufacturing. We’re not saying that your car won’t break down if it’s manufactured properly, but there’s less of a chance for breakdowns if your family car is solidly built. 
  • Extras. Brainstorm some non-negotiables that your family car must-have. Is it trunk space? Do you need screens in the back to keep your kids entertained during long car trips? Are automatic doors a must-have for you? Think about the items that make it to this list, and take your time when purchasing a suitable family car. This is not an overnight decision!

What Are Some Of The Best Family Cars Out There Right Now?

What do you think of when you think of a “family car”? Is it an SUV? Or perhaps a minivan? Your guesses would be correct! But it’s not enough to just know the type of car- you should also know the brand, model, and make to ensure you make the most informed decision for you and your family. 

  • The 2022 Honda Passport is a fitting name for a car that will take you places! It offers roomy seating, ample cargo space, and a powerful V6 engine. But be warned, this vehicle is more expensive than the rest with higher-than-average pricing. 
  • If budget is at the top of your list, the 2022 Kia Carnival is your best bet! With 7-car seating and a user-friendly multimedia system, this could be your next family car. 
  • If sustainability is your primary concern, the 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid car is a great choice! As a hybrid and electric SUV, it provides an outstanding fuel economy for the fuel-conscious buyer. Fair warning, though- the third row is mainly for small children to sit comfortably since the room back there is not the most spacious. 

We hope we have made your family car search more manageable with the tips above. It can be challenging to make such a significant decision with many eligible family vehicles. But sometimes, when you know, you know! Once you get the keys to your brand new family car, you’d want to safeguard it at all costs, but sometimes the unexpected happens. If you and your family are stuck on the side of the road or locked outside of the car, feel free to contact us at (615) 256-TOWS (8697) or our toll-free number at 888-695-1555. You can call us or, if you prefer, fill out this form to go through our online dispatch service quickly and easily. We’re here for YOU this back-to-school season!

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