Car Buying Tips: Finding a Car that Suits Your Needs

‘Tis the season for driving to all your holiday gatherings which means thinking about your mode of transport and its estimated mileage. Getting to your family gatherings safely and reliably is of utmost importance, so you may need to evaluate the cars in your garage. You may be putting off looking for a new car for fear that there’s a lot of commitment and research involved. We hope that with these effortless tips below, purchasing a new car won’t be any hassle during this busy time of year. 

How Can You Pick The Best Car For Your Needs?

  • Set a budget! In most cases, you may have to take out a loan. A good rule of thumb for a car loan is the 20/4/10 rule, meaning you should take out 20% of the car’s purchase price, spend four years financing the vehicle, and, most importantly, not exceed 10% of your gross income!
  • A car finder tool such as the Kelley Blue Book can help you filter out your searches by price, vehicle model, and features, helping you narrow down your search. Before doing that, however, you have to know what you want in the make and model of your new car. We suggest writing a checklist of non-negotiables you can’t do without when you think of your new vehicle. 
  • Test drive the cars at your local dealer. You’ll intuitively get a feel for whether or not this is your car which can be just as important as research sometimes! After test-driving your top contenders, go back to your research and verify that the items on your checklist match how you felt test-driving the vehicles at the dealership. 

What Are Some Top Tips For Getting To Your Holiday Parties Safely?

  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination! It may seem like common sense, but it’s all too easy to rush in traffic during winter weather to make it to your holiday parties on time. You can even make an extended road trip out of it so you can spend time with your loved ones while getting there. 
  • If you are driving up a hill, don’t stop! The best way to drive on a slope safely is to reduce your speed when going down that incline. 
  • If you’re driving for a few hours to visit family, letting your car go on cruise control is tempting. However, if you’re driving on a snowy or icy road, avoid giving in to that temptation! If you’re tired, take a rest stop or follow these simple steps to stay awake while driving. 

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