Four Most Common Car Problems to Watch Out For

Your car is making that sound again: squealing brakes and a clattering noise that spells trouble. It’s even more frustrating when this happens in the middle of the road. Your car may be in peak condition, but that doesn’t mean your vehicle is immune from breakdowns. Preparing for the most common types of car problems ensures your safety and comfort as well as your car’s long-term health. We will name the top four most prevalent vehicle issues that a car owner can encounter and how you can remedy those situations. The most important rule, however, is ALWAYS to prioritize your safety!

What Are The Four Common Car Problems You Need To Know About?

  • Faulty starter motor: As indicated by its name, the starter motor is the part of your car that fires up the engine when you start your vehicle. Usually, this motor can last about ten years on average; if it becomes faulty, it’s generally because of a broken engine or worn-out electrical system. 
  • Flat tires: Perhaps one of the most common car problems, a flat tire can be caused by punctures or manufacturing defects. If you have driven over one too many potholes, you may want to get your car checked out for a flat tire. 
  • Dead battery: Along with the starter motor, the battery is critical to starting your vehicle. One of the primary reasons your battery can drain quickly is if you keep your headlights on too long. 
  • Failing alternator: The alternator keeps your car’s battery charged so it can run. The older your vehicle gets, the more run-down your alternator will be. If you hear a rattling noise, that could signal a faulty alternator, making it challenging to start your car.

What Are The Solutions To The Most Pressing Vehicle Issues?

  • Faulty starter motor: Get your vehicle examined by a professional every 30,000 miles (approximately). Prevention is always better than replacing components as they deteriorate
  • Flat tires: Check your vehicle’s tire pressure every two to four weeks to verify that your tires are adequately inflated. You should also follow your vehicle manufacturer’s tire maintenance guidelines.
  • Dead battery: Invest in a portable car jump starter, especially if you don’t have jumper cables or another car battery. The best way to prevent a dead car battery is to replace it every three to six years, with the happy medium being every four and a half years.
  • Failing alternator: How long has your alternator been running? Keeping track of it in a planner is good to note when you need to replace it. If you don’t have the finances to replace the whole thing, you can replace the brushes inside the alternator. This will undoubtedly patch up the issue for the short term, but you’ll want to replace the alternator entirely at some point for maximum performance. 

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