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How Do Different Types of Tow Trucks Work?

Although it’s not necessarily common knowledge, several different types of tow trucks exist, and they all work differently! Different tow trucks serve different purposes, but they all have one essential function: towing.

Here’s the lowdown on a handful of different types of tow trucks and how they work:

  1. Hook and chain tow trucks. If you’re looking for a tow truck for towing cargo, hook and chain tow trucks are some of the most versatile cargo-pulling tow trucks out there! These trucks are less commonly used nowadays because of the pressure the wrapped chain can put on the cargo being towed, but they were a popular tow truck in the past. You’ll typically find these in a junkyard towing old cars.
  2. Wheel-lift tow trucks. Similar to hook and chain tow trucks, wheel-lift tow trucks use a metal yoke to hook under a vehicle’s axle and use a lift to elevate the vehicle and tow it away. 
  3. Integrated tow trucks. These heavy-duty tow trucks have extra axles to tow big vehicles like buses or trucks, and the arms on these trucks are much more stably attached to the tow truck rig in order to tow their cargo.
  4. Flatbed tow trucks. Perhaps the most commonly used tow truck out there, flatbed tow trucks are more protective and safe to tow vehicles with. Each flatbed tow truck has a long flatbed with a ramp that vehicles can be pulled up over. These trucks are the most popular trucks to tow vehicles with roadside problems that have been involved in accidents. 

These aren’t all of the different types of tow trucks out there, but it is a good start to understanding how different types of tow trucks work and what types are out there!

When you find yourself in need of one of these types of tow trucks, dial 888.695.1555 to contact Tow Pro and take advantage of our wide variety of towing services. We are always available and ready to give you a lift when you need it.

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