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Safety Checklist for Hauling a Trailer

In the event that you’re moving or transporting cargo and you need to haul a trailer from point A to point B, there are a few safety precautions you should consider to ensure your trailer, your hauling vehicle, and all of your cargo get where they need to go.

Here’s a simple safety checklist for hauling a trailer to ensure that your trailer arrives at your destination undamaged:

  1. Vehicle horsepower. Does your towing vehicle have enough horsepower to safely haul the trailer? If your vehicle is older or comparable in size, there’s a good chance it might not have enough get up to safely haul the trailer without any complications. 
  2. Safety chains. Is your trailer safely secured to the vehicle hauling it with safety chains to ensure it won’t roll off or move around when in transit? It’s important to make sure that your trailer won’t move an inch while attached to the hauling vehicle. It only takes a little movement by a large trailer to throw a vehicle off-kilter or brush up against a guard rail when the road is narrow.
  3. Latch, coupler, or locking pin. Make sure that your trailer is hooked securely to the hauling vehicle’s hitch ball with a locking system via a latch, coupler, or locking pin. Without a secure locking system, your trailer is at risk of becoming unattached from your hauling vehicle, which is a sure recipe for disaster!
  4. Hazard lights, brake lights, and headlights. It is absolutely essential that your hauling vehicle and your trailer’s lights are functioning and in good working order before you haul your trailer! Without the necessary lights functioning, other drivers on the road won’t be aware of when you’re stopping, turning, or merging.

Although these four safety checklist items are a great start to check off before you haul a trailer, this EPA safety checklist provides a helpful, more extensive list. And you can print off and physically mark the list complete before your trailer gets hauled!

If you’re looking for a trailer to haul or need help hauling one, contact Tow Pro at 888.695.1555 to get started! In addition to trailers, detachable lowboys, and flatbeds, we have multiple specialized transport options to help you transport your load to its final destination. We also provide 24/7 towing services for anyone in need of roadside assistance! Call us today to learn more—we’re happy to help.

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