Car driving by yellow flowers in the spring

Spring Driving Tips For Staying Safe on the Roads

What comes to mind when you think of spring? That it’s allergy season? Or that some animals awake from hibernating? Or maybe a time for fresh starts and new beginnings? Whatever comes to mind for you, travels are indeed a significant part of spring, especially if you’re looking to take a long road trip during spring break or go out more to enjoy the beautiful weather. When that’s the case, you could use some critical safe spring driving tips during this season to enjoy your travels and prevent accidents from happening as best you can. 


What Can You Do To Drive Safely This Season?

  • Check your tires! You want to ensure your tires don’t allow water to build up underneath so that the tread is deep enough. The penny test is a tried and true method of figuring out how effective your tires are. If you insert the quarter with George Washington’s head down and can see the top of his head, that tire needs to be replaced soon because that tread is one-eighth of an inch. 
  • Windshield wipers are crucial to driving safely! It may sound common sense, but wiper blades are an often forgotten part of most people’s vehicle maintenance checklist. Ensure that they aren’t split or loose on the wiper arms. 
  • Allergies are a recurring theme in the spring season, and taking medication is critical for many people’s health this time of the year. Over-the-counter allergy medications can have side effects that can reduce your ability to focus on the road. You can follow these tips to stay awake on the road if you find yourself drowsy from allergy medications. 


How Can You Minimize Accidents This Spring?

  • They don’t say “April showers bring May flowers” for nothing! Especially in Middle Tennessee, where rains are known to be abundant, it is vital to drive slower even if you are running late. If you can’t afford to run late, set an alarm to leave the house 15-30 minutes earlier than you were planning on leaving the house, so you’ll have plenty of time to reach your destination on time. 
  • The sun’s glare can be a massive inconvenience while driving in spring. Ensure you wear sunglasses and put the car shades up to avoid hitting other vehicles or pedestrians. 
  • Warmer weather means wildlife may be roaming around on the road. Keep an eye out for such creatures while driving to avoid accidentally hitting them!


We hope you enjoy your trips this spring! While Middle Tennessee rains are not a joke, there’s always the sunny spring weather that is representative of the season, which makes it tempting to get outside and travel. While prevention can help immensely, you can’t 100 percent avoid accidents altogether- it happens to the best of us! If you need roadside assistance, light/medium duty towing, and other towing/hauling services, Tow Pro is the way to go! We are THE towing experts with an emphasis on customer service. When you call our reps on the phone, we guarantee that you’ll speak to a person, not a robot, which can be a rarity in the day and age of AI technology. Feel free to contact us at (615) 256-TOWS (8697). Did you hear? We serve several locations– who knows? We may be near you if you need us!

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