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The 4 Most Common Reasons for Needing Roadside Assistance

Needing roadside assistance is never fun, but the reality is, it happens to all of us! Whether you’re left stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire, a sputtering engine, or a totaled car, there aren’t many things you can do besides call for help when you’re stuck. However, if you know why you’re likely to need roadside assistance in advance, it’s easier to stay calm when bad luck comes your way.

Here are the 4 most common reasons for needing roadside assistance: 

  • Flat Tires. Flat tires are unfortunately a common occurrence. When you run over the debris that pokes a hole in your tire, you may need roadside assistance if you don’t have a spare tire or aren’t sure how to put it on (for more on how to change a tire, check out one of our past blog posts!) This is your reminder to make sure you have a functioning spare tire and the tools to replace a flat one in your vehicle at all times if possible!
  • Overheating. If steam or smoke is coming out of the hood of your vehicle or your car’s temperature gauge is inching up into foreign territory, chances are that your car is overheating. When this happens, pull over to the side of the road and let your engine cool down to avoid any further engine damage. If your car isn’t starting or you’re afraid to drive with your vehicle overheating, call for roadside assistance! They can help you determine the problem and get you where you need to go to resolve it.
  • Running out of gas. We’ve all been there. We thought we had a few more miles in the tank but we didn’t, or maybe we were in such a rush that we forgot to even look at the fuel gauge only to find ourselves puttering to a stop in the middle of the road. When you run out of gas, don’t panic. Simply steer to the side of the road or a median if possible, and then call roadside assistance to bring you enough gas to get you to the closest station! 
  • Dead battery. If your battery dies and you need a jump or you have a problem with your starter or alternator and need a new battery, roadside assistance can help you out by jumpstarting your car or bring a new battery out to you to replace yours! Additionally, if you don’t know exactly what’s wrong with your battery, roadside assistance can help you diagnose the problem.

If you find yourself by the side of the road with any of these 4 issues (or any other issue), give Tow Pro a call at 888.695.1555! No matter the time of day, we offer 24/7 emergency roadside assistance and can give you a lift or send a driver out to help you deal with whatever issue you have at hand. We also offer comprehensive towing services, equipment rentals, and more.

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