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Tips For Driving Safely In The Dark

Driving in the dark poses a new set of challenges compared to other driving scenarios. You must be aware of your surroundings and not succumb to drowsiness and high-beam headlights overpowering you. While it’s best to avoid driving in the dark when you can, we all know that there will be life events that happen where you have to drive in the dark. Not to mention daylight savings time, where sunset in Nashville occurs (on average) at 4:30 PM central during winter. It’s safe to say that most, if not all of us, have driven at night at some point. Before driving, you must ensure your safety and the safety of those sharing the road with you. We will share tips below on prioritizing safety while driving in the dark and what you can do to stay awake while night driving. 


What Are The Top Three Ways To Drive Safely In The Dark? 

  • First of all, clean your windows before driving! It may sound like common sense, but dirty or cracked windshields can increase your chances of facing a glare from other vehicles head-on. Regular maintenance is key. 
  • It’s best to avoid two-lane highways in the dark because of the nighttime glare from other vehicles’ headlights. There is also less room for error because of the sharp turns usually synonymous with these lanes. 
  • And, of course, don’t accelerate! According to the NHTSA, crashes brought on by speed make up 37% of nighttime vehicle accidents. It’s tempting to push the accelerator when you’re running late, or you’re anxious to get home, but it’s better to get to your destination safely than to be caught in an accident. 


What Can You Do To Stay Awake While Driving During The Night?

  • Improve your sleep hygiene! Most adults should get between 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Commit to a healthy sleep schedule to be safer behind the wheel. 
  • This goes without saying, but avoid alcohol when you know you’re about to get behind the wheel! Alcohol is known for causing drowsiness, and the consequences of being caught drinking and driving are severe. It’s best to forego alcohol before driving to get to where you need to be safe. 
  • Suppose you start to feel drowsy while driving, pull over to a rest area and get some coffee or any caffeinated beverage to keep you awake. This is especially crucial if you are driving long distances. 

Driving in the dark triples your chances of getting into a crash for every mile driven. For many people, driving at night is unavoidable, so we hope our tips above increase your confidence for driving during the twilight hours. While we wish we could guarantee no accidents by following the information above, that’s not always the case, unfortunately. If you find yourself stuck on the side of the road in an unfamiliar area at night, contact Tow Pro, the towing experts! We provide a host of towing and hauling services, including heavy-duty towing, specialized transport, private property impounding, and roadside services. If you need us to jumpstart your car after it ran out of battery or a little fuel to get you to the nearest gas station, you can trust Tow Pro can get you there safely. We operate 24/7, every day of the year because accidents can happen anytime. If you need us, give us a call at (615) 256-TOWS (8697). We are client-focused and ready to help- our A + rating on the BBB website backs this up!

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