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Top 4 Tips for Truck Maintenance

When it comes to keeping your vehicles in good working order, staying on top of truck maintenance is an integral habit to make. Especially since tow trucks, bucket trucks, and tractor-trailers are built for long hauls with heavy cargo. Maintenance plays a key role in truck longevity and safety in the long run, and here at Tow Pro, we have some tips for you.

A well-maintained truck has an owner or technician who pays attention to the following maintenance services on a routine basis:

1. Regularly change your oil.

With lots of time spent on the road, trucks often need oil changes more often than the average commuter vehicle. This is even more true when they’re towing heavy loads. Engine deterioration may take place every few thousand miles or so. Trucks quickly add on miles when they’re hauling things from place to place on the regular. Changing the oil regularly decreases the chances that your truck’s engine fails prematurely. Check your owner’s manual for advice on when to change your oil and consider changing it even more frequently if your loads are particularly heavy and your truck use is high.

2. Keep your tires properly inflated.

It’s common sense to always make sure that your tires aren’t underinflated, but did you know that overinflated tires can also cause vehicle issues? Fuel efficiency goes down when your tires are underinflated. And overinflated tires are more prone to blowing out entirely, increasing the risk of your truck’s disrepair. Making sure your tires are inflated to the level indicated on them will improve your fuel efficiency and also prevent them from wearing down the tread too prematurely.

3. Schedule regular inspections.

It’s always smart to have an expert give your truck a thorough inspection on a regular basis to catch any compromised safety or mechanical issues before they become problematic. During a truck inspection, all components of your truck are analyzed with a diligent once over. Don’t skimp on inspections! They can save you lots of money and extend the lifespan of your truck by multiple years by addressing potential issues before they become major hazards.

4. Replace your hydraulic fluids when necessary.

Along with checking your oil, keeping an eye on your hydraulic fluid levels. This includes your power steering and your brake fluids, which are integral to maintaining a safe, optimally-functioning power steering and brake systems. Hydraulic fluids help move the components of these vehicle systems, promoting their smooth operation.

Truck maintenance helps extend your vehicle’s life while promoting its safety and mechanical integrity. These four maintenance tips should be taken into careful consideration by all truck owners and drivers.

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