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What Contracted Towing Services Does Tow Pro Offer?

Here at Tow Pro, we are more than a towing company. Aside from vehicle towing, specialized transport, and private property services, we also offer contracted towing services. We can provide hauling services in conjunction with towing services in various industries, including third-party logistics companies, construction companies, roofing companies, storage facilities, and paving companies. With that being said, let’s dive deeper into the contracted towing services we offer. 

Specialized Transportation Services 

We offer specialized transportation services, which can be used as a blanket term for anything that can’t be hauled “as it is” and needs specific hauling services with permits. Extra precaution must be taken in this case because this type of freight can be cumbersome or dangerous to haul with a regular trailer. Tow Pro has detachable lowboys, trailers, flatbeds, Landoll traveling axles, and more to help transport your business’s load in a safe, timely manner. 

Private Property Impounding

We also offer private property impounding for when you need to reserve a space for your customers. Whether you are a business owner, property manager, or school principal, we know that convenient parking is necessary to keep your business running smoothly. We have experience removing vehicles of any size in any setting- scooters, pick-up, trucks, tight spaces, low clearance garages, and more- for over 20 years.  

Hauling Services

From the warehouse to transportation and delivery, we’ve got you covered. With affordable services in the Middle Tennessee area, we are your go-to when it comes to heavy-duty towing and hauling. We can move anything from a tractor-trailer to a rolled-over tanker. We can carry anything up to 26,0001 pounds, and we can fulfill your hazmat requirements also. We can haul dump trucks, RVs, tour buses, motor coaches, fire trucks, ambulances, and more in industries ranging from third-party logistics to construction. 

How Tow Pro’s Contracted Towing Services Can Add Value For Your Company 

TP can save you money for immediate help rather than waiting for the cheapest quote. Paying a driver to get a job done can end up being costly if you’re not finding superior service. If you need things moved more urgently, that’s where tow companies come in. Freight companies may be cheaper, but tow companies can be more immediate. This comes in handy when you’re trying to juggle between different alternatives: would you need overnight service, or does your vehicle require service within a week? Are you trying to transport air cargo or a tractor-trailer?

Regardless of what your company’s towing and hauling needs may be, Tow Pro is sure to have something for you. Contact us today at (615) 256- TOWS (8697)!

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