What To Do When Your Car Breaks Down

There’s no question about it–it’s never convenient when your car rattles to a stop, starts smoking, or makes some combination of strange pops or cracks that you know it isn’t supposed to. However, don’t fret! Here are a few tips to follow when your car decides to break down:

  1. Pull off the road. First and foremost, your safety should be your most important concern. Whether you’re driving solo or with passengers when your car breaks down, attempt to steer or maneuver your car to the shoulder of the road as soon as it starts showing signs of failure. This assures that you and your car are out of the road, decreasing your chances of getting into an accident.
  2. Turn on your hazard lights. Alerting other drivers that your vehicle is broken down is essential to your safety and to get help. Turning on your hazards lets people know to steer clear of your car if something is wrong and you can’t pull off of the road. This is particularly important at night time when it’s dark and your car is not easily visible.
  3. Assess the damage. If you know what is wrong with your car from the get-go (for example, if you have a flat tire), you may be able to fix it yourself. However, if you don’t know what’s wrong, start by assessing how your car is or was operating out of the norm before it broke down. Was it smoking? Did the brakes suddenly stop working? Taking note of all of these things is critical to help you diagnose the problem or report the symptoms to a mechanic. Before getting your of you care to assess the damage, be sure you are in a safe place. If you are not, stay in your car while you wait for help!
  4. Call for help. Last but certainly not least, call for help. Calling a tow truck operator to find a tow truck service ensures that someone will be on their way to move you and your car to a place where your car can be inspected.

If you ever have the misfortune of your car breaking down, don’t hesitate to call Tow Pro at 888.695.1555 to get you off the side of the road and give you a lift to the closest garage. We offer roadside services, light-duty towing, heavy-duty towing, and more. We don’t want you to end up on the side of the road, but next time you experience a roadside emergency, we’re here to help!

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