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What to Expect When You Call for a Tow Truck

Imagine you’re stuck on the side of the road. Your car won’t start. You have no way of getting your car anywhere without a tow, and you’re incredibly stressed about what to do after calling the towing company. What if it takes them a long time to get to you?

Well, there’s no need to stress about what happens after calling for a tow truck, and today, we’re hoping to alleviate any future stress by breaking down what to expect when you call for a tow truck.

After calling the towing company, they’ll ask you to provide answers to these basic questions so they know how to locate you and how they can help: 

  • Where are you? First and foremost, you’ll need to know where you are so you can give the towing company an address or landmark to locate you with. This is as simple as pulling up your Google or Apple Maps, finding “your current location,” and sharing it with the call operator.
  • Do you know what’s wrong with your vehicle? If you know why your vehicle won’t start or you can’t drive it, tell the operator. This ensures that they can bring whatever is necessary and possible for them to bring to help you out.
  • What vehicle do you drive? Have the make and model of your vehicle ready so the tow truck driver can keep an eye out for you when he or she nears your approximate location. 

In addition to answering these three questions, here are a few other things you can do when calling for a tow. And after providing the towing company with your contact information, your job is to just sit, relax, and wait for the tow truck to come. The call operator should give you an estimated time of arrival so you know when to expect the driver to appear. Once the tow truck arrives, the driver will likely help you troubleshoot your problem before determining if he or she actually needs to take it to the nearest garage. And if your car is put on the lift, hop in the truck and you’ll get a ride to where your car is going too! 

We hope this guide has alleviated your stress surrounding what to expect when you call for a tow truck, and if you ever need a lift, contact Tow Pro at 888.695.1555 for emergency roadside assistance, no matter the day or time! Our experienced operators and drivers are happy to help you get out of a pickle.

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