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How Can Tow Pro Help Me If The Air Conditioning In My Vehicle Stops Working?

Soaring summer temperatures are common here in Middle Tennessee, so if your vehicle’s air conditioning stops working, it can be pretty uncomfortable!

We have some tips to help you discover if your air conditioning is developing an issue; handling it before it stops working may be less costly. 

How Do I Know If My Vehicle’s Air Conditioning Needs Service?

This might seem obvious, but your car or truck’s air conditioning may not stop working altogether. It may occasionally malfunction, which can be inconvenient on a hot summer’s day! 

Here are some troubleshooting tips to determine if you have a developing problem:

  • If you notice a lack of cold air from the dashboard vents, your air conditioner is probably malfunctioning. In a broken system, the airflow may fluctuate from hot air to warm air to cool air, only to become hot again.
  • Noise under the hood when turning the AC on or off, such as clattering system components or a squealing belt, is another problem symptom. Even if you still have cold air being produced by the blower motor, this noise could signal trouble with the air conditioner’s compressor.
  •  If your car windshield is inexplicably fogging up, or you’re finding mysterious damp or even wet spots on the floor, the AC system could be the culprit. Water accumulating in your car will eventually result in mildew if left unaddressed and could cause extensive damage.

Did you know? If your air conditioning goes out in your car or truck, Tow Pro can help – even if you’re stuck on the side of the road!

What Types Of Roadside Assistance Does Tow Pro Offer?

Tow Pro is here to help you, no matter the trouble or where you are in Middle Tennessee! We have locations all over the area and can get to you quickly. 

Our roadside assistance services include:

  • Lock-Outs
  • Tire change – fix a flat or install a spare
  • Battery jumpstart
  • Faulty ignition repair
  • Off-road recovery
  • Broken belt repair
  • Gas delivery
  • 24-hour emergency towing
  • Uprighting vehicles
  • Vehicle winching
  • Accident recovery and clean up
  • Off-road recovery
  • And more!

If you are in the middle of the road or need your car towed to the nearest shop, contact Tow Pro at (615) 256- TOWS (8697). We’re happy to help however we can!

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