Breaking down is stressful, but calling a tow truck near you shouldn’t be! With over 20 years experience, Tow Pro offers 24 hour tow truck and hauling services to Nashville and surrounding areas, backed by our exceptional customer service and top-of-the-line equipment.


Light Duty Vehicle Towing

From break-downs to battery jumps, Tow Pro offers a variety of cheap towing and additional services. We have a vast fleet of light to medium-duty tow trucks ready to assist you 24/7 with your car towing needs. From the dispatcher to the driver, our team is friendly, knowledgeable and dependable when you’re in a bind.


Roadside Services

We understand that emergencies don’t just happen from 9am – 5pm. This is why Tow Pro offers fast, courteous and clean roadside service 24/7, all just a phone call away. Whether you’ve locked your keys in your car, need a tire change or a little fuel to get you to the nearest gas station, we’re here to help!


Heavy Duty Towing

We’ve got the equipment and manpower for all of your heavy duty towing needs! From semi-trucks and trailers to RVs and tour buses, our nationally certified heavy duty recovery experts are well-trained and skilled in any and all specialized recovery situations. Call us and we will move your large vehicle to safety!


Specialized Transport

Tow Pro has trailers, detachable lowboys, Landoll traveling axles, flatbeds and more to help transport your loads. We not only have the equipment, but also the know-how when it comes to getting the right permits to safely transport your large load to its destination.

tow truck towing car for private party impounding

Private Property Impounding

Your parking lot or garage is for YOU and YOUR customers. We understand the importance of convenient parking to keep your business thriving. From schools to private residences – Tow Pro has your Private Property Impounding needs covered. Call our reliable tow truck services to tow unauthorized or illegally parked vehicles of all sizes off your lot today!