Scheduling a wrecking service has never been easier than with Tow Pro!

Wrecker Services in Nashville and Middle Tennessee

Moving a large vehicle is stressful enough, but if you experience an accident in one, the situation can become stressful, and you may be at a loss for how to move forward. Luckily, with Tow Pro by your side, help and recovery is just a quick call away!

How do I know if I need towing or wrecker services?

A tow truck is typically called if you need to move a vehicle, whether because it broke down or it is illegally or improperly parked. Wrecker services are for heavy-duty recovery and removal, typically of larger vehicles that cannot be righted or operate on their own.

A tow pro truck pulled to the side of the road next to a over turned red semi-truck.

What wrecker services does Tow Pro offer?

Until you are in need of wrecker service, you may not have realized that there was aid available for such a situation. After 20 years in the towing and hauling industry, Tow Pro has seen it all, so we have solutions to just about any recovery, lifting or cleanup situation! Tow Pro offers an abundance of wrecker services that we can complete with ease thanks to our top-of-the-line equipment! For more detailed information, please give us a call!

  • Semi-Truck Recovery
  • Tractor-Trailer Recovery
  • Construction Equipment Recovery
  • Bus Recovery
  • Farming Equipment Recovery
  • Medium-Duty Truck Recovery
  • Heavy-Duty Truck Recovery
  • Forklift Recovery
  • Motor Coach Recovery
  • Tractor Accident Recovery
  • Sunk Vehicle Recovery
  • Garbage Truck Recovery
  • Vehicle Accident Cleanup
  • Truck and Cargo Cleanup
A tow pro truck on the side of the road with the road closed down by police officers. Off the road is an over turned garbage truck that needs to be recovered.

Why should I choose Tow Pro for wrecker services?

It will be tough to find a competitor as experienced, professional, or available to you as Tow Pro. Our team is ready to come to your aid 24 hours a day, seven days a week, bringing state-of-the-art equipment and 20 years of experience along with us. We are able to assist you anywhere in the Greater Nashville area, including Franklin, Brentwood, and Antioch.

With our offices located in Nashville, we offer a personal touch that displays our care to our community. When you make a call to Tow Pro, expect exceptional customer service that will have the help you need on the way in a timely manner. We know that quick and professional responses are what you need during a stressful situation to put your mind at ease. Trust that our team is prepared to handle just about any wrecker service and heavy-duty recovery needs!

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tow truck towing car for private party impounding

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White illustration of a tow truck loading a car on its bed, preparing to transport the vehicle to a desired location.

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