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How to Prepare Your Car to Be Towed

Once in a while, you discover yourself in need of a tow. If you had a tire blow out, a fender bender, or your engine decided to start smoking, pull over. You should always avoid driving your vehicle if anything out of the ordinary occurs, as it might be unsafe and detrimental to your car. 

So, you’ve called the tow company, and they’re sending a truck out to pick up your vehicle. How should you prepare your car to be towed?

Sit in your vehicle while waiting for the tow truck to come.

It’s best practice to sit in your vehicle with your windows up while waiting for the tow truck to come unless it’s unsafe to be in your car. Typically, you are getting towed from the side of the road, and it’s safest for you and everyone else on the road when you sit inside your vehicle while awaiting the tow truck. Keep an eye out for the tow truck, and stay alert to flag them down if they don’t spot you right away.

Gather your personal belongings together to prepare your car.

Gather together anything valuable and all of the personal belongings that you should keep with you, so you can remove them from the car when it gets towed. Towing companies often don’t offer protection for any possessions in your vehicle if you don’t remove them. You could lose them forever with no reimbursement if they’re stolen or misplaced, etc. 

Take photos of your vehicle’s condition.

Every towing company should handle your car with care, but this isn’t always the case. There is always a chance your vehicle may get damaged in transit. Document your vehicle’s condition before it gets towed so that you have proof of what occurred in the interim when you’re not with your car. 

Ensure the tow operator can access your vehicle if you’re not there when they pick it up.

Coordinating with your towing company ensures that they have access to your vehicle upon arrival. Suppose you’re not going to be in the car when they arrive. In that case, you can place your keys in a magnetic lock box or at another conveniently close location.


The next time you find yourself on the side of the road in need of a tow, don’t hesitate to contact Tow Pro at 615.256.TOWS(8697). We offer 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, specialized transport, private property impounding, and much more. 

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