Car jumper cables

Important Items To Keep In Your Vehicle 

You’re never really prepared for when the unexpected happens – being stranded in the middle of nowhere with little cell reception or resources can be a frightening ordeal! While there’s no way of telling when you’ll be stuck in this predicament, you always want to be prepared for the unpredictable so you can have some control over the situation. It’s recommended that every vehicle have an emergency supply kit checked twice a year. This is so you can examine whether items have expired and, if they have, replace them!

What Are Some Items That Should Be Included In Your Vehicle’s Emergency Supply Kit?

  • Jumper cables are helpful when you need to jumpstart your car’s battery. First, you want to attach the red jumper cables on the positive side of the battery that won’t start. Then you attach the other red wire to the positive side of the working battery, which leads to connecting the black cables to the negative side of the working battery. 
  • Flashlight and extra batteries are necessary to have if you are stranded in the dark. A phone charger would also be beneficial here, so you can use your phone’s flashlight if you don’t have a traditional flashlight.
  • If your car breaks down because of a flat tire, a properly inflated spare tire and wheel wrench can save the day! The key here is not to install it backward. The donut tire’s valve stem should face outwards and away from your vehicle.
  • Having a first aid kit in your vehicle is handy and may even be life-saving if someone with you is dealing with a health emergency. Your first aid kit can include gauze, bandages, tape, ointment, thermometers, and a cold compress. 

What Are Some Additional Points To Remember If An Emergency Strikes?

  • Keep family and emergency numbers on hand! This is why bringing your phone charger is essential aside from using it as a flashlight if need be. 
  • Know who your auto insurance provider is and have their contact information on file. 
  • Be aware of the towing experts in your area and call on them if you need some assistance. 

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