The Most Common Mechanical Issues that Cause Car Accidents

The last thing everyone wants is to have a mechanical issue occur during your time on the road. Experiencing your vehicle malfunctioning is never pleasant, and it’s infinitely more dangerous if you’re behind the wheel when it happens. In order to help you avoid common mechanical issues whenever possible, we’ve compiled a list of common mechanical issues that result in car accidents throughout the year. 

1. Brake failure

Every single time you drive, you put your brakes to good use. This leads to them wearing down over time and needing to be replaced.  Brake failure is one of the most reported mechanical issues that causes car accidents, and there are many ways that faulty brakes can compromise your status on the road. Common brake failure reasons include worn brake pads and discs that lead to longer stop distances, a malfunctioning anti-brake lock system (ABS), which typically prevents your wheels from locking up when you slam your brakes, and brake line leaks that cause brake fluid to drain and compromise your brakes. 

2. Tire blowouts or skidding

Tire blowouts are yet another mechanical issue that causes car accidents to occur. If you run over glass, a nail, or another sharp object on the road, your tire may blowout with a bang. It’s incredibly hard to control your vehicle when one of your tires experiences a blowout, and while this often occurs due to punctures, it can even happen with a severe temperature change. 

3. Loss of power steering

Most vehicles nowadays have power steering, which is an engine-powered steering system that makes it easier for you to maneuver your vehicle and turn corners. However, since your power steering is directly connected to your vehicle’s engine, your system may fail if your power steering belt experiences fraying, corrosion, or breakage. This mechanical issue can result in loss of control of your vehicle, causing accidents.

4. Faulty engine or suspension systems

As you can imagine, having your engine malfunction while you’re on the road is a recipe for disaster. Engine issues can prevent you from accelerating properly at an intersection or anywhere else on the road. A suspension system glitching or otherwise failing may end up pulling your vehicle to one side of the road.

One of the best ways to prevent these mechanical issues from occurring is to take your vehicle in for regular maintenance. This ensures any potential problems are addressed before they put you in an inopportune position. However, if you ever find yourself stranded on the side of the road or end up in an accident that you need emergency roadside assistance or towing for, give Tow Pro a call at  615.256.TOWS(8697). You can reach us at any time of day or night. 

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