Tire Blowout Nashville

What Do I Do When I Have A Tire Blowout?

Experiencing a tire blowout while you’re driving is a scary and potentially dangerous situation. When a tire blows out, it can take just a fraction of a second before your vehicle becomes hard to control, so you must be ready. How you react can make all the difference in how the situation resolves itself.

If you do have a tire blowout, you’ll want to know what a tire blowout sounds and feels like and how to drive through it.

How Do I Know I’m Having A Tire Blowout?

There typically are three essential sounds you can hear. They can vary depending on the situation.

  • you may hear a loud boom or bang of the tire popping
  • you may hear a whooshing sound or the sound of the air quickly discharging from the tire
  • you may hear a repeated flapping or flopping of the deflated tire hitting the road

If your front tire burst, you should feel the force primarily within your vehicle’s steering, while with a rear tire, you should feel it more in the seat or body of the car; your response should be the same whether the blowout occurred in the front or back.

How Do I Drive Through A Tire Blowout?

First: stay calm. Your primary focus needs to be on keeping your vehicle balanced and controllable. Here are some essential tips and best practices from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to follow if you experience a tire blowout:

  • Keep a firm grip on the steering wheel with both hands.
  • Do not slam on the brakes.
  • Release the accelerator to slow down your car gradually.
  • Adjust your steering as needed to help stabilize your vehicle and regain control. Steer in the direction of where you want the car to go.
  • Pull your car over to the side of the road once you have slowed to a safe speed.
  • Activate your emergency flashers.

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