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What Do I Need To Know About Roadside Assistance Coverage?

We’ve all been there. You’re traveling on an unfamiliar roadway, and something goes wrong. Maybe the engine light comes on, or your tire goes flat; there’s an immediate sense of panic. If you’re alone, you know this could be an unsafe situation. You need to contact a towing company near you right away! What do you do?  Having roadside assistance coverage can give you peace of mind, no matter what happens. A phone call or a text can ensure that help is on the way – right away. 

How Does Roadside Assistance Coverage Work?

Roadside assistance coverage is there to help you when you can’t get your car back on the road. Whether you lost the car key, ran out of gas, or need your vehicle towed, having a roadside assistance plan will get you out of more than one type of roadside emergency.

Roadside services do vary depending on the company, but they will usually include:

  • Towing
  • Changing a flat tire
  • Fuel delivery
  • Locksmith services
  • Battery jumpstart
  • Winching – pulling a car out of snow, ice, or mud with a rope or chain

You typically pay a monthly or annual fee for a roadside assistance coverage plan. When you do need help, you get services at a discount or no extra charge.

You can also opt to pay per incident for roadside coverage. In this instance, you pay only if or when you need help.

Where Can I Find Roadside Assistance Coverage?

Roadside assistance might be available through:

  • Your car insurance company
  • Your membership in AAA or other organizations
  • Your car manufacturer
  • Your cell phone provider
  • Your credit card company

Some options are costlier than others, but don’t base your decision solely on the cost. All roadside assistance plans are different, so be sure to ask how much the plan costs, what it includes, and whether there are any additional fees.

You can rely on Tow Pro for a wide range of non-life-threatening roadside emergencies, such as:

If you need a tow in Nashville, Memphis, or the surrounding areas, Tow Pro is here to help! You can reach us online or by phone at 1.888.695.1555!

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