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Who Do I Contact Concerning A Car Parked Illegally?

Whether you’re a Nashville or Memphis homeowner or business owner, you may find yourself faced with a situation that doesn’t occur very often – but when it does, it can be a severe annoyance and possibly even create a dangerous situation. 

Someone may park in front of a fire hydrant, an operable driveway, or another illegal area. Another issue you may face is an abandoned car parked illegally. 

What should you do?

How Do I Handle A Car Parked Illegally?

Here are a few steps you can take:

Write down the vehicle’s make, model, color, and plate number. Providing information identifying the vehicle will help parking enforcement spot the correct vehicle. If the license plate was issued in another state, get the name of that state as well.

  • Also, make a note of whether the plate is expired. Many cities have regulations for parking a vehicle with expired plates.
  • Note that the vehicle doesn’t have a license plate if this is the case. In most cities, you can only park a vehicle with a license plate on the street. The lack of a plate might also reveal whether the vehicle is abandoned.

Take a photo of the illegally parked vehicle. Particularly if you report the incident online, you can send parking enforcement your picture if they request it. Having a photo to go on can help officers better pinpoint the vehicle.

  • Taking a photo of the license plate records the needed information so you can transmit it to parking enforcement accurately, even if you can’t submit the image itself.
  • If the car is parked in a “no parking” zone or next to an expired meter, try to include the parking infraction in your photo.

Identify the precise location of the vehicle. An exact street address is usually sufficient. However, it’s also possible that the illegally parked vehicle isn’t sitting near a particular street number. In that case, take down the cross streets and the block where the vehicle is parked.

Contact local parking enforcement. In many cities, the parking enforcement department has a separate phone number. Calling this number can mean you will receive a faster response.

What If I Need To Have The Vehicle Towed?

That’s easy! Just call Tow Pro at 1.888.695.1555 or submit a towing request online. We’ll be there right away to move the vehicle, and we offer these towing services:

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